Resident Faculty Fellow

resident fellowJoel B. Lande

Hi Forbes! I joined Princeton University in 2011 as a postdoc in the Society of Fellows and was lucky enough to become immediately affiliated with Forbes. The past three years as Faculty in residence have afforded me many invaluable opportunities for informal interaction with Princeton undergraduates. I hope the coming years will be no different.

I am an Assistant Professor in the German Department, where I teach on all levels of the curriculum. My classes extend from introductory classes on German philosophy (no knowledge of German required; just bring your curiosity) to advanced undergraduate literature courses. During my first years at Princeton, I also coordinated and taught the legendary HUM 216-219 sequence. If you have any questions about individual courses or programs of study in the Humanities do not hesitate to ask.
In addition to my job as a professor, I am also an avid road cyclist. As it turns out, Princeton has lots of beautiful terrain around it. Need help exploring? Just ask. And of course there’s New York and Philadelphia, with opera, theater, music, and loads of other ways to have fun. In the past, I’ve led trips to museums and cultural events in NYC, and hope to do more of that in the future.
Please do not hesitate to say hi around Forbes!