Forbes has a reputation for being a very close-knit community, and we mean it when we say it's worth the walk. Forbes boasts multiple study and social spaces, a black box more specific to relaxing and showing movies than to performances, a dance studio, and its own organic garden. The jewel in our crown is our beautiful patio and back lawn, which is dotted with Adirondack chairs during the warmer months.

Forbes is a living and learning community that houses approximately 500 undergraduate students in singles, doubles and triples. First-years are assigned roommates, and live in what are known as advisee, or zee, groups of about 15 first-year students. Each zee group is advised by a Residential College Adviser—a junior or senior student who has been selected and trained to be an informative mentor, as well as someone who enforces basic community standards. Sophomores , Juniors, and Seniors are housed throughout the college, and are also served by the RCA’s, but in a much less formal capacity.  A Residential Life Coordinator and Resident Graduate Students in Forbes also provide support and community engagement to Forbes residents though out the academic year. 

Our college council hosts weekly study breaks, where you can enjoy time with friends and free food; there is an organic garden on the grounds, which is managed entirely by students; and we have the best back yard on campus.

The college staff strongly encourage students who are interested in becoming involved in programming at Forbes to be in touch with us. We’d like to hear any suggestions you have for making Forbes an even better place than it already is. You can also write to your FCC members with your suggestions and requests for Forbes events.


Forbes students dressed in red shirts cheering at a sporting event