Community Standards and Values

Forbes College welcomes students from many different backgrounds, perspectives, nationalities, and identities to live together in a productive, supportive community.  Our common goal is to learn from each other while building meaningful and lasting friendships.  Respect is essential to this process.  We encourage everyone to talk, debate, and engage with others, always being mindful that this should be done in a thoughtful manner.  Respect should not be equated with conformity: we realize that a diverse community does not necessarily agree on everything, and there is no one correct ideology we should all strive to support. Learning from others and engaging with people who have different views from your own is how you will grow the most from your education at Princeton.  To that end, we have assembled some useful and important information concerning community standards and values on this page.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the information below:

University-wide policies, procedures, and community standards applicable to all aspects of campus life can be found in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities as well as policies concerning harassment, discrimination, and academic integrity

Undergraduate Housing has specific expectations and policies, to help maintain a safe and respectful living environment.

We encourage everyone to take the following actions to get the most out of their time in Forbes and to sustain our community:

1.      Engage. Please make time to talk to each other. When we commit to genuinely getting to know each other through dialogue, we begin to understand the experiences of others and how friendship can sustain us.

2.      Speak up. If you see something that goes against our community values, say something! We don’t want to have a community that condones derogatory statements (based on gender, race, sexuality, religion, etc.) propagating stereotypes or encouraging disrespect toward others. It is our collective responsibility to be active participants in upholding community values and also speaking up when we witness behavior that goes against those values.

3.      Seek out resources. We have amazing student leaders (RCAs, Fields Center Fellows, LGBT Educators, SHARE Peers, PHAs and PAAs) that have been extensively trained. These student leaders can help you through any questions or concerns you may have concerning our community values.  

You can also reach out to Forbes staff members who are here to support you. Our doors are open, please come by the Forbes college office to speak with any of us should you have questions, concerns, or wish to discuss these issues in greater detail.