Housing and Facilities

  • Housing Office 609-258-3460 or 609-258-2556, located in New South, 5th floor
    Keys & Room Draw Info 609-258-3460
  • Roommate Issues & Social/Residential Life:
    Contact your RCA or Director of Student Life, Olivia Weiner 609-258-4825
  • Temporary Disabilities:
    Contact Director of Student Life 609-258-4825
  • For information on specific residence halls and their room layouts, please reference this Housing link (PUID only)
Assistance with Building Spaces and Resouces
  • Facilities Customer Service 609-258-8000, call if you need pest control, something is missing or broken in your room, if alarms go off or anything else related to the physical condition of your room (i.e.- the heat doesn't come on in winter or the window screen falls out)
  • Telephone repairs or malfunctions 609-258-1200
Dining Services- Residential Dining
  • Find information on meal plans, sign your contract electronically, change your plan, check your plan balance.