Forbes: The Transition to a Four-Year College

In the Fall 2022, Forbes welcomed upperclass students to either remain in, or draw into, Forbes College. This was a shift in the culture of Forbes, which we feel has enhanced the reasons our residents come to love it here.

The University has now transitioned to a fully-integrated four-year residential college system, which solidifies our commitment to creating continuous living-learning communities for all undergraduates. As of the 2022-23 academic year, all residential colleges will have rooms reserved for juniors and seniors who want to continue to live in their college. 


In previous years, students in a two-year college who wanted to live in a residential college in their junior and/or senior year had to switch their affiliation to a four-year college. This shift was potentially disruptive to the continuity of community and advising support the residential colleges seek to foster.  Under the new system, all residential colleges will have some housing available for juniors and seniors, which will allow students to continue living in their residential college if they wish.

Juniors and seniors now have the option to continue living in their assigned residential college or to live in unaffiliated upperclass housing. All students, including those who choose to live outside of their college, will then retain their original college affiliation for advising purposes. The long-term goal of the new program is to ensure continuity of residential community and advising resources.  We welcome juniors and seniors who wish to be a part of the Forbes community in residence.