Thursday, Dec 17, 2015
by maureene

An article about Prof. Jeffrey Schwartz's freshman seminar is the feature article on the Princeton home page today. This is especially exciting because it highlights the work of a Forbes fellow as well as Forbes itself--Professor Schwartz teaches the seminar in our MPR, which is...

Thursday, Dec 3, 2015
by maureene

As we approach mid-December, it's important to remember your dining options on campus will be changing during winter recess.

Monday, Nov 16, 2015
by maureene

Topics covered include academic guidance (major areas of study and study abroad opportunities); lifestyle guidance (upperclass dining options); and looking beyond the bubble (career and life vision workshop). These panels and discussions designed just for you, class of 2017.

Monday, Nov 16, 2015
by maureene

On Friday, November 13, Professor Michael Hecht, Forbes' head of college, opened his home for a special gathering of the weekly Tea and Talk series. Usually hosted in the lounge right here in Forbes, Tea and Talk took a road trip to the college house to offer a change of scenery on a fall afternoon, bone china tea cups, and a special guest.

Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015
by maureene

Last week, members of the Princeton Garden Project spent a Wednesday afternoon tending the patch, which lies a short grassy walk away at 79 Alexander Street. After a few short hours of work, students had transplanted blueberries, turned compost, planted a cover crop, and began preparations for wintering the garden.

Monday, Oct 12, 2015
by maureene

Monday, October 12 saw President Eisgruber in the Forbes SDR for an engaging lunch and discussion with members of the Forbes class of 2019. Dining Services laid the tables with white linens and special desserts to create some mood and atmosphere.

Thursday, Oct 1, 2015
by maureene

Do you need some help with a computer, phone, tablet, or other device?

During the academic year, the Student Technology Consultants will be ready and available to assist you. The team comprises three sophomores living right here in...

Monday, Sep 28, 2015
by maureene

The students from St. John's University in Cambridge attended a zee dinner at the Master's residence last week to round out their time here in scenic Princeton, NJ.

We hope you had a chance to interact with the students, and perhaps they've even convinced you to join them on the other side of the pond and be a Forbesian visitor to their...

Thursday, Sep 24, 2015
by maureene

Keep a little bit of home in your pocket, and follow the official Forbes College Facebook page!

As the year progresses, you'll see highlights from Forbes events, shout-outs to your fellow Forbesians' achievements, and more.

Don't be fooled by imitators: the official page is...

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2015
by paslowsk

Register your bike with Transportation & Parking Services.

Familiarize yourself with policies on bike parking, bike lock removal, abandonment/Confiscation and summer storage.