Fall 2016 Is Underway!

Monday, Sep 26, 2016

The class of 2020 arrived on a beautiful Saturday morning in early September, and was welcomed with fanfare by their RCAs, PAAs, Orientation Leaders, staff members, and other eager volunteers. It took a few hours and lots of help, but everyone settled in, waved goodbye to parents, and began their new adventure.

Since then, classes have begun, the FCC has handed out fleeces and mugs and foam paws, and is now hard at work planning fall programming; RCAs, RGSs, and PAAs are getting to know their new zees; the staff are keeping things chugging along; and there's finally a fall crisp in the air!

This week is also sophomore week! With programming to support our class of 2019 as they prepare to declare majors in the spring and explore opportunities to study abroad and take on internships, and help navigating worries of "what's next?"

Soon, our language tables will be in full swing, and there will be dinner series to look forward to--presentations from interesting people from within and without the Forbes community. It's all just beginning!

Our events calendar is always getting populated with more stuff to look forward to--come back and visit us soon!