Favorite Forbes Memories from Your College Council!

Tuesday, Jun 25, 2019

Dear Class of 2023,

We are so excited to welcome you to the Forbes family in the fall! Forbes has been a place where many of us have been able to form spectacular memories that will last a lifetime; memories we will forever hold near and dear to our hearts. We’ve listed some of those memories below and we hope that during your first year as a Forbesian, you’ll be able to make amazing memories of your own.

We can’t wait to meet you,

Your Forbes College Council (FCC)

YOU'LL FIND most res colleges have pool tables – emphasis on find because they’re all squirreled away like a badly kept secret. In Forbes, you walk by the game room every day. I’ve made some of my closest friends and happiest memories there. I’ve laughed my hardest there. I’ve not only learned how to hit angled shots at the pool table, but also how to defend against some of the fiercest foosball players in all of Princeton. And when we’re tired of yelling and laughing, we put on some good music and talk. You’ll have some of the loudest and quietest nights of your life in the game room, because the thing about it, the thing emblematic of our whole college, is that Forbes is so vibrant, cheerful, and welcoming that you simply can’t ignore it. You’ll be drawn in without even knowing it. You’ll make the type of memories you’ll never forget. You’ll call Forbes home. – Richard Ma, Class of `22

I CAME into Forbes thinking I would only be in the dining hall when I needed to eat. While I believe the Forbes dining hall is the best dining hall, not only because of the food quality but also because of the amazing staff who you become close friends with; my fondest memories are the late-night study sessions in the Forbes dining halls. Students studying in the dining halls at night is common amongst all the res-colleges, but other res colleges maintain absolute silence. Forbes, on the other hand, is a social gathering. You’ll find friends studying alongside you for hours on end, and eventually, you’ll find yourself amongst a group of late-night dining hall studiers who embark on trips to Wawa together, play ridiculous games like drawing someone without looking at the paper, and have intense conversations–anything to prolong studying for longer. – Ritvik Agnihotri, Class of `22  

MY FAVORITE spot at Forbes will always be the lawn that faces the golf course and the Graduate College. Whether it is raining, snowing, or extremely sunny, the sight is absolutely breathtaking. I remember experiencing my first snowfall there, taking one of the best naps I’ve ever taken underneath the warm sun, and taking a beautiful photo of the pink and purple sky as the sun set. Forbes is unique in that it allows you to take a step away from the stress of school, social life, personal life, etc. and focus on what is around you and really reflect on how you are feeling. “Self-care”, as much as it is an enormous buzz word on campus, is really epitomized at Forbes because you are able to step away from the chaos —for lack of better terms— and take time for yourself. – Gio Kim, Class of ‘22

THROUGHTOUT MY first year at Forbes, I constantly found myself pleasantly surprised by everything Forbes has to offer. The example that comes readily to mind was my experience with my zee group. I came into Forbes thinking I wasn’t really going to talk much with the other people in my zee group and that I wasn’t going to form meaningful relationships with my fellow zees and RCA, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I was truly blessed with an amazing zee group. My RCA was the second mother/cool aunt/older friend who gives great advice I didn’t know I needed. She cultivated such an open and friendly dynamic within the zee group and her room was always a place I could go if I wanted to chat with other zees, talk with people outside our zee group, and even meet people from other res colleges. I will never forget the late nights I spent in her room laughing to the point where I had tears in my eyes, forming great bonds with others, and just making memories that will last a lifetime.  – Rola Adebogun, Class of ‘22

BY FAR one of the highlights of my time at Princeton has been my Zee Group experience. Unlike most of my other friends who aren’t in Forbes, my Zee Group developed into a meaningful friendship, even without our Resident College Advisor (RCA) and Resident Graduate Student (RGS), who we respectively call our mother and cool uncle. My RCA played a crucial role during my first year; when rough times hit at home, she was extremely understanding and caring. Besides my RCA, I became extremely close to our RGS, who luckily for me is earning his Ph.D. in my intended concentration. Because of this, he’s not only helpful when I’m working on problem sets (psets), but also a great companion, whether it’s walking back from Peyton, eating brunch, or in his dorm at midnight eating brownies. Thanks to both my RCA and RGS, they cultivated an amazing atmosphere throughout the entire year, and helped the Zee Group develop close friendships amongst one another we plan on fostering and continuing for a lifetime. -Zizi Coleman, Class of ‘22