Forbes Dining Staff Outdoes Itself at Marketplace Dinner

Friday, Feb 12, 2016
by maureene

Produce overflowing from baskets in a marketplace is not a common sight during Jersey winters. But on January 20, you may have done a double-take as you entered the lounge.

In addition to a bountiful international marketplace menu inside the dining hall, in the lounge, several vendors had set up offering samples of Honest Tea iced tea, cheeses, fruit-infused Craisins, ice cream, and mini quiches from Dining Services.

The feel in the server was immersive--our dining crew truly outdid themselves. From sacks of rice and grain atop the salad bar to dimmed fluorescents and café lights strung across the servery, the effect was charming.

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Meet the dining services crew! Click over here for a picture of the whole team.