Freshman Zee Receptions with an Artistic Twist

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2016



If you're a sophomore, junior, or senior, you probably remember one of your earliest Forbes experiences was a zee dinner at Professor Hecht's house. This year, in planning these receptions, intended to allow our freshmen to meet each other in a casual, social setting, the office staff decided to try something new. Professor Hecht, while out rollerblading one summer morning, came across a car that was being painted on. Curious about who would encourage such vandalism, Professor Hecht approached the car's owner, Kate Eggleston.



Kate, a local artist, came up with a side project of an art car--a car that she would drive to locations to provide an interactive art project. So at the zee receptions this fall, students, their RCAs and RGS, and the office staff have been gathering for dinner with a side of art. Kate drives her car right into the backyard of the college residence, and there, with the backdrop of the golf course and setting sun, the groups get to it!

Art Car Zee Reception

The reaction is usually a mix of excitement and hesitation--"are we really allowed to paint it?!" But once that first brave soul puts paint to car, everyone else is quick to follow. And some truly incredible art has emerged! From intricate and realistic flowers to impressive Pokémon, students have sunk into their creative zone and produced wonderful things.