Head of College Welcome Message to Families

Thursday, Aug 4, 2016

Dear Parents and Families,

We are delighted that your child will be affiliated with Forbes College for their career at Princeton.  We welcome you - along with your child - to the Forbes community.   

Forbes College is located at the western edge of campus, overlooking the Princeton Golf Course.  Across the fields, you can see the gothic towers of Princeton’s Graduate College.  Of the six residential colleges, we definitely have the best views!  The main building of Forbes College was originally the Princeton Inn, a hotel built during the Roaring Twenties. The spirit of an artistic and culturally rich lifestyle is palpable, and Forbes still has a bit of an “Inn” flavor.  Forbes is a special place: After all, how many students go off to college, and have the good fortune to spend their first year living in a resort hotel on a golf course?

Among the residential colleges, Forbes is the furthest from the center of campus – a full 2 minutes (!) further than the next runner up.  Many of us see this location as ideal: when we cross Alexander Road after a busy day of classes, Forbesians – more than their classmates at other colleges -- “go home” to the Inn.

The staff at Forbes College has one main goal: To enhance the intellectual, cultural, and social experience of our students.  We oversee a rich and stimulating program.  To ensure that students participate in these programs, we have the best food on campus.

As a father of two recent college graduates, I am familiar with the mixed feelings of pride and anxiety associated with a child's going off to college.  I assure you that your child is in good hands.  After a brief period of transition, they will thrive and deeply enjoy living in this college - like the 28 cohorts of Forbesians before them.

We know you have many questions and concerns about your child’s upcoming adventure, and we have done our best to anticipate them.  There is a special section of the Office of the Dean of the College website with information for parents and families, including a month by month guide to the freshman year and a useful list of Frequently Asked Questions from parents about Move-In and Orientation.  As the term progresses, you will find Forbes-specific news, events, and activities on the Forbes College website.  

You can also find information about the University, the class of 2020 orientation, and a welcome message from President Christopher Eisgruber on the Path to Princeton website.

I look forward to welcoming your child to Forbes and to greeting you during your visits to campus.

All Best,
Michael Hecht, PhD

Professor of Chemistry

Head of Forbes College