Join the Re-INNformer

June 5, 2015

Want to connect with other Forbes students? You can use the Re-INNformer list to post lost items, ask if you can borrow an iron, tool kit, textbook or whatever you need. This is the place to advertise your theatre or dance performance, post sign-up information, open houses or announcements for extracurricular clubs and events. Are you looking for a running buddy, or other musicians in Forbes who want to start a band? Looking for someone to cook with or play games?

Subscription and postings to the Re-INNformer are not monitored by the Forbes College Office. However, use of the listserve must be consistent with the standards and values of our community. University-wide policies, procedures, and community standards concerning all aspects of campus life found in Rights, Rules and Responsibilities as well as policies concerning harassment and discrimination apply even in the context of unofficial listservs. For this reason some members of the administration across campus have the right to intermittently monitor the tone and content of conversations taking place on unofficial listservs such as the Re-INNformer.

To sign up for the Re-INNformer listserv, you must use your account to subscribe and SEND messages to the list.

The way to join the Forbes listserv is to send an email to [email protected], leaving the subject line blank and entering "SUBscribe Re-INNformer" in the body (without the quotation marks). You'll then receive confirmation that you're subscribed, instructions for posting, and other administrative information (including how to leave the list, if you ever need to).