Ready, Set, GO!

Friday, Mar 11, 2016
by maureene

Another Forbes Fellow and Faculty Adviser is making great things happen. Professor Brian Kernighan of computer science, and Princeton alum himself, has co-authored a book about a new, more straightforward and efficient programming language. The new language, called Go, has deep roots in both Kernighan’s former work with the C programming language as well as the generation of programmers he inspired who have taken up residence working for Google.

The Go language was created by a student at the University of Toronto who read Kerninghan’s book on the then-standard C programming language. That student went on to work at Google, and with a team there built the language of Go. The story comes full circle, as Kernighan himself worked with the team of Go developers from 2014-2015 working on his book about the language.

Programming language is indeed another language entirely: it can seem impenetrable. But Rob Pike of the University of Toronto has said that Kerninghan approaches his book and the discussion of Go in a “gentle manner” and that he “[talks] about very technical stuff so you can understand it without being buried in the details.”

Go is has become a comfortable alternative to C language, and is open-source. Because of its wide appeal and tangibility, Kerninghan’s book has become the new standard guide for today’s programmers. Kerninghan has said of his book that hopes it will allow programmers to take advantage of the strengths of the Go language and to go on to do more influential work.

Interested in programming? Pick up Kerninghan’s book, co-authored with Google Go team member Alan Donovan: The Go Programming Language.

For a much more in-depth discussion of the path to Go, click over to the featured article on the University’s home page.




Facts and information for this summary gathered from the featured article on the Princeton University home page, linked above.