Sending Mail to Your Forbesian: Important Info

Tuesday, Sep 5, 2017
by maureene

Want to send a letter or package to your Forbesian? Here is some important information:

  1. DO NOT use 115 Alexander as the address--we cannot accept mail here, and it will be refused
  2. DO use the Frist mailbox number assigned to your student by using the helpful links here
  3. Once you have your student's Frist box number, address letters and packages thusly:
    1. Addressing Format:
      Student’s Name
      Mailbox# Frist Center
      Princeton University
      Princeton, NJ ZIP
      Jane Doe
      xxxx Frist Center
      Princeton University
      Princeton, NJ 08544

      xxxx = Student mailbox number

      The above addressing format is intended to be compatible with the USPS automation machine capabilities and if the proper addressing format is used for first class mail, it will not be manually handled until it reaches the University.