Service Opportunity: Lunches for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

Jan. 19, 2016

You may be wondering what's up with the craft supplies in the dining hall. They are encouragement to make a lunch bag cheerful! These small bags have a big job: to hold  lunches to feed families through the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. These lunches will provide PB&J sandwiches, juice, and healthy snacks like apples and pretzels to children and their families. This is an initiative of the Forbes Leadership Series, which will bring you various opportunities to develop your leadership skills.

With the help of our Forbes community, we will delivery not just brown bag lunches, but brown bag lunches full of cheer--both inside and out. So doodle whatever inspires YOU so you can inspire others--whether it's a rainbow, a sketch of your dog, or something Princeton-y. We've already collected the first day's doodles, and they are looking fantastic.


Are you looking to help beyond decorating? Come together with fellow Forbesians and FILL! THOSE! BAGS! (Say that like the intro of Wheel of Fortune, obviously.)

Come to the dining hall next Sunday (1/31) from 2:00-4:00 to join the filling team of Forbes students, faculty, and staff.

All supplies will be awaiting eager helpers, so you need arrive with only yourself, your smile, and maybe a friend or two.


In the meantime, keep coloring, keep decorating, and keep being awesome, Forbes!