Welcome, Class of 2023, from your College Council!

June 25, 2019

Dear Class of 2023,

Congratulations, and welcome to Forbes College! We are SO excited to have you join the Forbes family. Right now, your fellow first-years are busy teasing you about how far Forbes is from the rest of campus – but soon you’ll be bragging to them about your Forbes family, and they’ll be making that walk to experience that connection, while you get to constantly enjoy and live it.

If you’re like some of us, you’ve probably spent hours Googling any and everything about Forbes. What Google didn’t tell you is how everything about Forbes, from the extravagant weekend brunches to the phenomenal views of the sunsets across the back lawn, makes the Forbes experience truly unlike any other on campus. Forbes really is worth the walk, and we know it won’t take long for you to understand why.

To give you a little background, Forbes was once the Princeton Inn, a privately owned hotel (meaning a lot of our rooms have private bathrooms!) before becoming a residential college in 1984. The college currently overlooks a beautiful golf course with the stunning Princeton Graduate College in the distance, making it the perfect background for your first Instagram post on campus. The back patio is also perfect to enjoy a meal with friends or to take a quick nap in the sun in one of our red Adirondack chairs. Aside from the gorgeous scenery, you’ll also get to experience an interior that is entirely connected (the only residential college to have this luxury), allowing you to roll up to breakfast in your PJs and slippers even when it’s below freezing and snowing outside. You can also play foosball and pool in our game room or ping-pong and air hockey in the black and white lounge (we are the only college with an air hockey table!).

However, as any Forbesian would tell you, our favorite part about being in Forbes isn’t that we’re closest to the Wa (our fond nickname for the Wawa) or right next to the Dinky; it isn’t Saturday Brunch’s impressive acai bowls or the legendary chocolate fountain at Sunday Brunch. Rather, it’s the wonderful, tight-knit community. From the late-night problem-set sessions to full dining hall tables that somehow seem to always have room for more Forbesians, Forbes truly has a unique way of bringing people together. Forbes may be a tiny bit farther than the other residential colleges, but that just means that when you get back to Forbes at the end of your day, you come back to a home away from home. We guarantee you’ll soon fall in love with everyone else in Forbes, too, from the wonderful College Office staff to the incredibly friendly dining hall staff.

We at the Forbes College Council (FCC) work to make sure you have a wonderful experience as a Forbesian. We plan, promote, and execute several social, multicultural, recreational, and educational events to build community and foster a sense of belonging among all Forbesians. One of our most popular offerings is our series of weekly study breaks, open to all Forbes students, which include everything from trivia nights and air hockey tournaments to free food giveaways (did someone say Chick-Fil-A?), and painting sessions. We also organize off-campus trips to Broadway shows, sporting events, local parks, and more. Each semester, we also throw a huge, community-wide carnival to celebrate life at Forbes. We don’t just organize amazing events at Forbes, we also design and distribute Forbes gear that every Forbesian can proudly show off on campus. To stay updated on all these events, you can follow the FCC on Snapchat (@forbescollege), Instagram (@forbesscollege), and Facebook (@forbesresidentialcollege). Applications will become available in November via email for first-years to join the FCC next year, so keep an eye out if you’re interested!

We hope we’ve made you as excited about being a Forbesian as we are to welcome you to the Forbes family. This upcoming year will truly be a remarkable one filled with great memories and phenomenal experiences. Please feel free to reach out to any of the FCC members with any questions you might have (to see who is on the FCC, visit our page!)

We really can’t wait to meet you!

Until then,

Your FCC