Welcome to Forbes College! (A message from your College Council members)

July 6, 2016

Watch this video to get a taste of Forbes. Below is a greeting from the fun committee, better knows as the Forbes College Council (FCC)--give it a read, as it's full of tips, tricks, and why you're now part of the best kept secret on campus!

To the Forbesians of the Class of 2020,

We are so excited to welcome you into the Forbes Family! Just last year we were in your shoes: scared to have learned that we were placed into the “farthest” and “darkest” residential college. But after an amazing year in Forbes, we’re excited to inform you, the newest “Forbesians,” that you’ve actually won the housing lottery! When you step on campus in just a few weeks, you will quickly see for yourself that Forbes is the best residential college at Princeton. For now, we want to give you a taste of what you have to look forward to by sharing why we love our college so much.

Forbes was once a privately owned hotel called The Princeton Inn, and although the bellhops and room service are long gone, Forbesians still live in luxury. Our gigantic backyard borders a golf course. You’ll watch the sun rise and set over perfect green rolling hills as you enjoy meals in the Forbes dining hall--the best on campus. At night, our dining hall has an electric energy and is a fantastic spot to study with friends. When the work is done, you can play foosball, pool, or ping-pong in the game room. On nice days, we study and relax outside in the legendary Forbes hammocks and red Adirondack chairs. And, maybe best of all, Forbes is a single connected building (unlike any other college), so when it’s twenty degrees and snowing outside you can stroll to the dining hall or a friend’s room in slippers and a t-shirt!

All that said, what really makes Forbes great is not the building, it’s the people. Maybe it’s because of those connected hallways or our distance from the rest of campus, but regardless, Forbes fosters a unique close-knit community: a true residential college experience. Walking into Forbes, you will instantly have four hundred new friends. Many of those people will indeed become as close as family. You’ll study together, eat together, relax together, party together, and, if anything ever goes wrong, you’ll be there for each other in an instant. The Forbes family extends to the custodians, the chefs, and the administrators. They’re so great, they would probably learn your name before you learn theirs, but we’re going to give you a head start. There’s Bob, who flips custom burgers and omelets at the grill and will recognize you by where you’re from. There’s Head Hecht, who welcomes your company at meals, at his house, or in his office and will follow it up with a game of foosball. There’s Stan, the dining hall worker who brightens up every morning as you swipe into breakfast--if you wake up in time. Being in Forbes will give you an unconquerable sense of pride and belonging, because you are among friends.

One of our goals as the Forbes College Council is to make sure you have lots of fun things to do with all of your Forbes friends, and we have lots planned for you this fall! We’ll throw weekly study breaks. At last semester’s study breaks, Forbes made Valentine’s Day cards, got fancy with sparkling ciders and cheeses, enjoyed several varieties of pancakes, ran around for an Easter egg hunt, and more. The Council also organizes heavily-subsidized trips off campus, like to go bowling, apple picking, play laser tag, and (the most popular) see Broadway shows. We’ll have trips to Matilda, Wicked, Aladdin, and more--and that’s just in the fall! Forbes also has intramural teams that play against the other colleges and eating clubs and are great fun and a relaxed athletic opportunity. Our Academics Chairs invite faculty to dinners so you can get to know some amazing professors and learn about their research. To top it all off, each semester we throw a gigantic Forbes party (check out the video from this spring’s Forbes Fest on our Facebook page). And, most exciting, we load everyone up with tons of free Forbes gear. Our Forbes events are so great that they attract jealous students from all the other colleges across the campus!

Of course, those jealous students have to make themselves feel better somehow, and they do it by attacking the “long walk” to Forbes. Yes, we are special because we live across the street; however, it isn’t actually true that we are the farthest College from campus. Check the map and you’ll see that we are farthest from Nassau Hall….but who has classes in Nassau Hall? Nobody! But if you go to anything athletic (from Dillon to DeNunziuo) or anything scientific (from Fine to Frick), we are way closer than Rocky/Mathey. Those poor people from Rocky/Mathey have the longest walks home…and theirs is all uphill! Forbes is a place to retreat to, a home away from home. It is a little farther from some parts of campus, but you’ll soon find that it’s definitely worth the walk.

We hope that this letter gets you excited about your next two years living in “the most exclusive country club in the world,” and gives you something to brag about. If you have any questions about Forbes, or Princeton in general, or if you just want to chat, please email any of us! We’d love to hear from you!


Until we meet,

The Forbes College Council

If you’re not excited yet, here are 10 more things about Forbes to brag about:

1. The community. Everyone in Forbes is friends. There’ll be times when you're across campus with a friend from another college and a random fellow Forbesian walks by, gives you the nod, and says “Hey, ____! What’s up?!” with the same excitement as a brother or sister. Your friend, confused by the appearance of this other close friend that they have never heard of, will ask, “How do you know that guy/girl??” and you’ll answer nonchalantly “Forbes!”

2. Two words: Sunday Brunch. People at first may make jokes about how far away Forbes is, but on Sunday mornings you’ll see them eat their words—literally. You’ll find yourself accustomed to waking up to a chocolate fountain every Sunday morning.

3. The backyard. If you love roasting marshmallows, lounging in hammocks, and snowball fights you’ll love our backyard, not to mention the mouth-watering barbeques the dining staff will put on when the weather is nice.

4. The Wa— 24/7 milkshakes and pretzels!

5. We have an incredible dining staff. This year we had theme dinners including Flexitarian nights (aka all things avocado -- yum!), an around the world market theme, and a superfoods theme, just to name a few. They not only make great food, but they also go out of their way to make meals extra special for us. No other dining hall has had fresh blueberries!

6. Forbes has rooms that are perfect for both studying and relaxing. The dining hall is great for group studying, as is the library for a more quiet setting. There’s also the Sci-fi Library, Black Box, Art Room, kitchens, and Game Room (equipped with a pool table and foosball table) that double as both places to study and hangout.

7. Each semester Forbes hosts a big event. In the fall it could be a Casino Night or a Harry Potteresque Yule Ball. The night is complete with food, activities, gear and prizes! Our spring event ranges from Water Day to ForbesFest -- our very own Coachella!

8. Although Forbes may seem far from campus, it’s extremely close to the Dinky station, which connects Princeton to the world outside of the “Orange Bubble”. It’s easy to escape for a day trip to New York, or even to get to the airport without having to haul your luggage across campus.

9. The dining hall is in the building! When the winter hits, you’ll realize how much of a blessing this is. While others need to bundle up to get food during the winter months you can just stroll down in shorts and t-shirt and not know the difference.

10. The incredible administrators in our College Office. These are the people that really help to make Forbes not only a home for every Forbesian, but help us to thrive and succeed at Princeton. They can answer any question you need, or even just be there for friendly conversation. They’ll also help make anything you want happen, whether it’s a special garden study break or Lucky Charms in the dining hall. They’ll even provide things you didn’t even know you wanted: puppy therapy, surprise gear, and free food during exam week, not to mention flash Forbes Friday treats like boba and pretzels.