What to do if you have a bike on campus

Aug. 18, 2015

Register your bike with Transportation & Parking Services.

Familiarize yourself with policies on bike parking, bike lock removal, abandonment/Confiscation and summer storage.

Bike Parking
Bicycles are to be secured only to University-provided bicycle racks. The campus provides more than 3,600 spaces for bikes. You can view buildings with nearby bike rack locations here. For a list of campus bicycle rack locations, please click here. Bikes that are not parked in accordance with this policy will be confiscated by the University and owners may be subject to a fine.

• Bicycles shall not be secured to benches, light posts, trees, chain/post borders, handrails, or bus shelters.
• Bicycles shall not block (or be attached to) wheelchair ramps in any manner.
• Bicycles shall not be ridden indoors.
• Interior bicycle storage is permitted on a limited basis only. Bicycles are not permitted to be secured or locked to any interior railing, placed in a hallway, or allowed to impede a means of egress.
• Bicycles are permitted inside dorm rooms if they are placed so that they do not block or impede egresses. Hooks are available for students who wish to hang their bicycles in their rooms. To obtain hooks, students should contact the Facilities Customer Service Center at 8-8000. Requests are gathered during the first few weeks of classes, and the installations begin mid-October.

Fines will be charged to the registered bike owner. If the bike is unregistered, it will be confiscated by the University and considered unclaimed–all fees must be paid before the bike is released.

• First-time offenders: a $25 fee will be charged for the first violation of the parking regulations provided in the University Bike Policy.
• Multiple offenses: a $50 fee will be charged per offense for each subsequent violation of the parking regulations provided in the University Bike Policy.