Chuk Uzoegwu '22


What's up Forbes -

My name is Chukwuagoziem Uzoegwu (or just Chuk for short) and I was born in Nigeria but raised in Los Angeles, California. I am formerly class of '21, but now class of '22. I am majoring in Computer Science (BSE) while pursuing a certificate in Entrepreneurship and potentially Robotics and Intelligent Systems. I enjoy coding, playing/watching/talking sports, listening to/making music, and having in-depth discussions about any number of topics, so if I'm not grinding out on an assignment you'll probably find me doing something related to those. As far as groups on campus are concerned, I've been in Club Basketball, in Christian Nova, a Computer Science Lab TA/Grader, in Forbes College Council, in Cap & Gown among other things. If you have interest in any of those activities/groups, or just want to play some pool and chill, feel free to reach out! I look forward to meeting y'all!