Fang Du

Assistant Dean of Studies
Office Phone

Welcome to Forbes! 

I am excited to serve as the Assistant Dean of Forbes and get to know each of you.  My primary role is to support the academic wellbeing and success of all Forbes students, especially during their first two years at Princeton.  Feel free to reach out to me in-person or online. I always compare the start of a young person’s college career to embarking on a journey of self- discovery.  In your college years, you will explore not only intellectual pursuits but also your values, identities and relationship with this world.  Please remember that there is a community of Forbes advisors, which consists of Forbes staff, AB and BSE Faculty Advisors and the PAAs, to support you on this journey.  

I grew up in Dalian, a port city on the northeast coast of China.  After getting my B.A in English Language and Literature from a university in Beijing, I worked as a TESOL university instructor for a couple of years.  My immigration journey in the U.S. started as a Ph.D. student at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus.  My research interests focus on global, experiential learning and its impact on “whole person development” of young people.  For example, my dissertation is on the topic of self-authorship as a learning outcome of study abroad, which examines how study abroad is correlated with the intrapersonal, interpersonal and epistemological development of college students.  

I have lived and worked in various places, from the metropolitan cities of Beijing and New York City to the small rural town of Morris, Minnesota and also Alliance, Ohio, which has a rich history of being a railroad and manufacturing hub.  My family and I moved to New Jersey in 2016 and have been enjoying NJ's diverse people and food, as well as its dynamic youth sports culture.   I am also a gardening and cooking enthusiast.