Fawaz Ahmad '22


Hi everyone! My name is Fawaz, and I am a Junior BSE Computer Science Major. While I have chosen CS as a career path, I more than love taking religion, history, philosophy, and various other types of humanities Princeton courses. I am an active member of the Muslim community on campus (come to our study breaks/hangouts, we always have food!), and a McGraw Learning Consultant (McGraw is very helpful!). Previously, I worked as an OA leader, a Peer Academic Advisor, and as the Dining Hall Manager for Sunday Brunch before becoming an ARCA. I love sports, board games, video games, card games, group games, just games in general, so if you ever want to try something new, let me know! Struggling with academics, friendship, faith, or anything? I have been there, let's talk. Excited to meet you all!