Fellows are an integral part of the Forbes Community. College Fellows include faculty, staff, and community members who engage with students in informal settings beyond the classroom; fellows receive a designated number of meals in Forbes each semester.  College Fellows are encouraged to regularly attend and actively participate in events, receptions, and special dinners hosted by Forbes.  Additional information on the College Faculty Fellows program and an application form can be found on the Engagement with the Residential Colleges Page.

Fellows for the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Last Name First Name Department Fellow category
Abele Celia Council of Humanities faculty fellow
Alvarez Sophia Teacher Prep community fellow
Antlitz Kevin Pton Faith and Action community fellow
Atkinson William Climate Central, High Meadows Fellowship staff fellows
Bahcall Neta Astro faculty adviser
Barbour John DPS staff fellow
Baudez Basile ARt & Archaeology faculty fellow
Beach Catherine Office of Financial Aid staff fellow
Benhaim Andre FIT faculty fellow
Bhatt Swati Economics faculty adviser
Bisno Debbie McCarter Theatre staff fellow
Blake Karen Admissions staff fellow
Blount Bryant ODUS staff fellow
Bogan Elizabeth ECO faculty fellow
Bogucki Peter SEAS staff fellow
Bourbouhakis Emmanuel Classics faculty adviser
Boustan Ra'aman Program in Judaic Studies community fellow
Boyd James Teacher Preparation staff fellow
Brangwynne Clifford CBE faculty adviser
Cadava Eduardo former HOC faculty fellow
Calhoun Rochelle Office of Vice President for Campus Life staff fellow
Cellinese Anna French and Italian staff fellow
Chander Vineet Coordinator for Hindu Life staff fellows
Chou Chih-ping EAS faculty fellow
Chow Gregory ECO emeritus fellow
Contursi Amalia Library Information Technology staff fellow
Curtis Rick OA staff fellow
Danspeckgruber Wolfgang WWS faculty fellow
Davis Alexander Sociology faculty adviser
Deignan Kathleen  ODUS staff fellow
DiMura Vince Lewis Center staff fellow
Dolan Jill DOC staff fellow
Dorini Helen Admissions staff fellow
Dyson Freeman PHY, IAS emeritus fellow
Edelman Dean Corporate Engagement & Foundation Relations faculty fellow
Fellbaum Christiane Computer Science faculty adviser
Fish Robert COS faculty adviser
Flower Harriet Classics faculty fellow
Fowler Claire DOC staff fellow
Francis Sonja CHM faculty fellow
Frassica Pietro FIT faculty fellow
Fratto Elena Slavic Lang. & Lit. faculty adviser
Freidin Bob LIN (emeritus) emeritus fellow
Fresco Jacques MOL emeritus fellow
Fuentes Agustin ANT faculty fellow
Garon Sheldon HIS, EAS faculty fellow
Gauthier Paul Princeton Environmental Institute community fellow
Gelperin Alan Neuroscience faculty adviser
Ginsburg Maia Computer Science faculty fellow
Gomez Jesse Princeton Neurological Institute faculty fellow
Gonzalez Khristina DOC staff fellow
Gonzalez Shawn Princeton Writing Program faculty fellow
Green William Athletics- Men's Golf staff fellow
Gutarra Cordero Dannelle Writing Program faculty adviser
Hamilton Tod SOC faculty fellow
Hecht Michael former HOC faculty fellow
Henderson Mitchell Athletics- Men's Basketball staff fellow
Higgins John GEO faculty fellow
Hodgson John Residential Colleges emeritus fellow
Howell David Ofc Cap Projects staff fellow
Jamieson Kyle COS faculty fellow
Jarrett Gene Ofc. Dean of the Faculty staff fellow
Javier Kauribel ODUS staff fellow
Johnson Dorian  Housing and Real Estate Services staff fellow
Jones William C.  Physics faculty fellow
Juerling Margaret Registrar staff fellow
Kahn Laura WWS faculty fellow
Kane Andrew Office of the Vice President for University Services staff fellow
Kanka Valerie COM staff fellow
Kasdin Jeremy MAE community fellow
Kastner Sabine Psychology faculty adviser
Kent Todd Program in Teacher Prep staff fellow
Kernighan Brian Computer Science faculty adviser
Kleiner Ralph CHM faculty fellow
Kornhauser Alain ORF faculty adviser
Kwasnicki Andrea Davis International Center staff fellow
Kudo Yoo-Kyeong Office of General Counsel staff fellow
LaPaugh Andrea COS faculty fellow
Larsen Matthew Council of Humanities faculty fellow
Lee Christina Spanish & Portuguese faculty adviser
Lee Jason ECE faculty fellow
Legnani Nicole Spanish & Portuguese faculty fellow
Lemonick Michael Astro community fellow
Lim  Anna (Sunghae) Music staff fellow
Love  Caasi Facilities Operations staff fellows
Malyszka Penny Residential Colleges community fellow
Mann Alan ANT faculty fellow
Manning Timothy OIT community fellow
Marnett Matt Art Museum staff fellow
Marrone-Puglia Gaetana FIT faculty fellow
Marshall Emma Tigercard, Transportation & Parking Services staff fellow
Martinez Jenny CHM faculty fellow
Martiz Anna Teacher Prep community fellow
Maxam Angela OGC staff fellow
Maxwell Reed CEE faculty fellow
McConnell Mark MAT faculty fellow
Meggers Forrest Architecture faculty fellow
Miller Renita Graduate School staff fellow
Mirabal Andria Career Svc staff fellow
Mooney Margarita Princeton Theological Seminary faculty fellow
Morimoto Ryo Anthropology faculty
Murphy Christine The Graduate School  staff fellow
Nayak Srishti Princeton Writing Program faculty fellow
Nelson Celeste CBE faculty adviser
Nosenchuck Daniel MAE faculty adviser
Nunokawa Jeff English faculty fellow
Novac Lukas McGraw Ctr. for Teaching and Learning community fellow


Kira Pace Center staff fellow
Ong Yi-Ching Pace Center staff fellow
Ono Keiko EAS faculty fellow
Pisani Alice AST faculty fellow
Ploss Alexander Molecular Biology faculty adviser
Pop-Eleches Grigore WWS faculty fellow
Porporato Amilcare CEE faculty adviser
Richardson Karen Office of Admissions staff fellow
Robertson Neena ODUS staff fellow
Roddenberry Tom University Advancement staff fellow
Rodriguez Alejandro ELE faculty adviser
Romero Ramona General Council staff fellow
Rosenberg Michael McCarter Theatre staff fellow
Sailer Christine Athletics--women's lacrosse staff fellow
Saltz Rita OIT staff fellow
Sato Shinji EAS faculty fellow
Schaufler Tara Information Security staff fellow
Scholes Gregory Chemistry faculty adviser
Shorr Ardon Princeton Writing Program faculty fellow
Schutt Clarence Chemistry emeritus fellow
Schwartz Jeffrey CHM faculty fellow
Shibata Tomoko EAS faculty fellow
Singh Jaswinder COS faculty fellow
Smith Sherise Health and Professions Advising staff fellow
Smith Sonya WWS staff fellow
Spergel David ASTRO faculty fellow
Stone Caroline OA staff fellow
Stroop Jon Library staff fellow
Thames Theresa Office of Dean of Religious Life staff fellow
Thompson Mellisa ODUS staff fellow
Tsung-Mei Cheng May WWS community fellow
Turner Ed ASTRO faculty fellow
Wachtel Michael Slavic Lang. & Lit. faculty fellow
Wang Samuel MOL faculty fellow
Weyerbrock Silvia ECO faculty fellow
White Lynn WWS, Politics, EAS emeritus fellow
White Claire CEE faculty adviser
Wildberg Christian Classics emeritus fellow
Wilson John Religon emeritus fellow
Wingreen Ned MOL faculty fellow
Womack Autumn African American Studies faculty adviser
Wright Sophie Admissions staff fellow
Wuest Joanna Council of the Humanities faculty fellow
Wulfman Clifford Firestone Library staff fellow