Forbes College Council

About the Forbes College Council

The mission of the Forbes College Council (FCC) is to enhance student life at Forbes College by planning, promoting, and executing social, multicultural, recreational, and educational events to build community and foster a sense of belonging.

The FCC is made up of the following foci: academic, civic engagement, trips, intramural, design/publicity, social chairs, and two co-chairs. All members of the FCC are expected to attend weekly FCC meetings and study breaks, participate in the planning and execution of FCC special events, and provide input on the design of the college gear.

Program Outcomes 

As a result of attending or participating in an FCC program or event, students will:

  • Develop a sense of engagement, belonging, and community at Forbes
  • Have the opportunity to develop connections with students outside of their zee group
  • Be able to meet and interact with individuals that have similar and differing backgrounds, opinions, and beliefs in an informal setting  
  • Build friendship with other students 
  • Have the opportunity to take a break and recharge from the pressures of academic life
  • Be able to name at least 1 FCC member
  • Have the opportunity to explore the larger Princeton and Central New Jersey community, and travel to nearby cities
  • Be able to participate in cultural activities at either no or low cost that might otherwise be cost prohibitive
  • Feel a greater sense of connection with Forbes College

The FCC's Annual Polo Picnic