Hasan Hameed

Hi everyone!

I live with my wife in Forbes 265—it’s on the second floor of that edge of the college which is closest to the Pink House (so the furthest away from the annex.) We love meeting students for whom we can always conjure fresh juices and smoothies and even some home-cooked (usually South Asian) snacks, so please feel free to drop by our apartment anytime to say hello!

In case you’re wondering, I am a PhD student in the History department, though my interests intersect across Philosophy, Religion, and Near Eastern Studies. I study intellectual history, the fascinating ways in which ideas develop and travel across space and time. I am particularly interested in European and Islamic intellectual history and how these traditions respond to the big questions of life, such as: Who am I? What does it mean to live a meaningful life? How do particular social norms relate to mental health? I enjoy chatting about these and other pressing questions relating to gender, religion, race, and power. Happy to discuss any of these if you’re interested!

Before coming to Princeton, I completed a Masters at the University of Oxford. I did my undergrad in Karachi, Pakistan, which is also where I grew up. My undergrad degree is in Social Sciences and Liberal Arts, which sits oddly with the name of my undergrad college, the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi. As my background shows, I am used to being in places with very different norms and practices from those where I grew up. It is not easy, especially not at first when you hardly have any real friends and are wondering how you fit in. If you’re struggling with anything similar, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Even though you’ll hear this a lot, but I can’t help but add: Congratulations on joining Princeton, a truly amazing place by all accounts, and especially on joining Forbes, the coolest residential college! (Seriously, the Forbes’ courtyard is probably the most scenic place on the entire campus. Drop outside and see for yourself!) Looking forward to meeting you in the fall. If you can’t find me in person or would like to connect before then, you can always reach me via email at hhameed@princeton.edu.