Isabella Khan


Hi Forbes!

I’m a fourth year graduate student in mathematics — specifically, geometry and topology — originally from the south side of Chicago, but I’ve actually lived in Princeton for just about seven years now, since I also did my undergrad here (class of 2021 yay!). The picture, of course, is from neither of these places — it’s from the Oregon coast, where my mom’s family is from, and where I’ve spent enough time that I think I’m justified in having adopted it as my unofficial (and ideally future) home. As an undergrad, I was in Butler College, mostly living in a building that no longer exists, and I worked at the Writing Center and as a undergraduate course assistant in the math department — but none of this is what you’ll likely end up talking to me about if you meet me, unless you really, really want it to be.

When I’m not thinking about math, I’m usually running or playing violin — during the school year, I play with Princeton University Orchestra and occasionally Sinfonia and other smaller groups. In between, I’m most likely to be hiding somewhere reading about English medieval history, or when I get tired of that, some form of Western. And of course, I’m always trying to figure out how better to grow my (too many!) plants, which are mostly transplants from the Pacific Northwest which live in undersized pots on my windowsill.

Come find me in the dining hall and talk to me about any (or all!) of these things, or something new of your own devising. I’m always looking to meet new people, and I’m so excited to get to know all of you at Forbes this Fall!