Jimin Kang '21


Hey there! I'm Jimin, and I'm a Spanish & Portuguese major hoping to earn certificates in Journalism, Latin American Studies and Environmental Studies. The soils I call home would be Seoul, South Korea (where I'm from and where I live now), Hong Kong (where I grew up) and Bahia, Brazil (where I spent my Bridge Year and hope life will take me back to). If I'm not working on a story with the University Press Club or belly dancing with Raqs, you'll find me eating at 2D or dreaming about the vegetable garden on my much-coveted future farm. Having been a Rockyite for two years, I'll be living in Forbes for the first time—I'm looking forward to creating a home with you all, taking full advantage of those amazing weekend brunches and venturing out to the nearby Princeton Garden Project with anyone who's keen to join me!