Luke Bouma

Welcome Forbesians!

I'm a fourth year grad student in the astro department, working on finding and understanding the planets that orbit nearby stars.

I was born in Maryland, raised in Switzerland, did my undergrad in math & physics at USC, and am now at Princeton's BEST res college... with you!

Outside of research, I enjoy climbing rocks, playing soccer, and reading.  I also love drumming and foosball.  If you like climbing & hiking, check out the "OA wall" or "PUMC".  If you want to see Saturn's rings or Jupiter's red spot before you graduate, google the astro department's public observing nights.  Alternatively, keep an eye out for the stargazing study breaks I host :-)

I'm always happy to talk -- do say hi when you see me around!

Pic is me with some cows near home in Geneva. For even more about me, see here.