Luke Bouma

Welcome four-bee-sians!

 I am in my third year of graduate study in astrophysics, and I am ~*stoked*~ to get to know you!

 A bit about me: I was born in Bethesda, Maryland, and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland (my mom works in human rights law with the UN). I returned stateside to do my undergrad in math and physics at the University of Southern California, in LA. I then spent a year in Boston at MIT's grad physics program before transferring to Princeton.

Nowadays, my research involves observing planets that orbit stars beyond our solar system (exoplanets). This includes asking fun questions like "is the Solar System normal?", "how did Earth get here?", and "are we alone?". Don't get me started on the Fermi paradox.

Outside of work, I like to climb rocks, skygaze, and read books. I also love drumming and foosball.  If you're into climbing/hiking, google "OA wall" or "PUMC"; if you want to see Saturn's rings or the cloud-tops of Jupiter before you graduate, google "Princeton public observing" or sign up for AST 205. If you want to read an interesting book, check out "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari (or borrow my copy!).

Feel free to stop by to chat -- I'm in the Courtyard Annex, A177.  Or email me at

 Pic is me at the launch of TESS, a satellite that will discover small exoplanets around nearby stars.