Misha Nechayev

Hey Forbes!

I’m a fourth year grad student in the Chemistry department, and I’m super excited to join you all as a newly initiated RGS!

I was born in Ukraine, but spent most of my childhood growing up in the Bay Area in California. I remained local for my undergrad and began my chemistry studies at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!). Inevitably, this caused me to forget what a real winter feels like, and so part of my Princeton education has been learning how to bundle up properly.

While hiding from the weather in a climate-controlled laboratory, I’ve done a lot of research on how RNA in our bodies plays a role in drug resistance to cancer therapeutics. My research tries to answer questions such as, “What happens to our RNA when it’s damaged?”, or “How might RNA signaling help cancer cells endure and survive a chemical stress?”. These are tough questions, and I’m using a combination of molecular biology and organic chemistry to answer them. On that note, I’m a former TA for CHEM303, so don’t hesitate to approach me if Orgo’s got you feeling lost!

Outside of lab, I enjoy running, swimming, and hiking. My California upbringing instilled within me a love of driving, so I’ll go on ridiculous day trips to the Catskills every now and then. I’m always looking for company! I love trying new places to eat, and I have an extremely unhealthy addiction to bubble tea. I get super excited about space travel and astrobiology, and I never miss a SpaceX launch livestream. I follow basketball (but I don’t bandwagon GSW). My room is stocked with board games, a digital piano, and a Nintendo Switch, so drop in through my open door in the evenings if you ever want to kick back!

See you all around!