Resident Faculty Fellow

AlessandroGiammeiAlessandro Giammei


Ciao! My name is Alessandro, I’m 28, I was born and raised in Italy and I am going to be your Friendly Neighborhood Faculty-Man—which means that I will live close to Forbes and that I will eat, garden, play videogames, and organize activities in the college. Drop me a line whenever you need and please, never hesitate to ask anything or to just say ‘hi’ around campus.

I arrived in Princeton from Italy in 2015, and I am going to teach and do research in the Department of French & Italian and the Society of Fellows until 2018. I love being here, but I miss some things from the old continent: Italian coffee, Italian pesto, Italian pizza, Italian poetry… That’s why I hope you’ll join me growing Genoese basil in the Forbes garden, arranging readings and multilingual poetry-slams, making espresso and baking margherita in the Forbes kitchen, and playing Assassin’s Creed in the game room.

As a matter of fact, I am likely going to teach Assassin’s Creed next Spring within a seminar about how the Italian Renaissance survives in modern pop-culture (something like Machiavelli & Frank Underwood, Leonardo & Conspiracy Theories, the Orlando Furioso & Star Wars, etc.). I am currently writing a book about Renaissance and Modernism, and I work on quite weird literary phenomena such as texts that make no sense, poetry made out of place names, hermetical emblems, and non-existing languages. I also teach in prison, and I hope to find some volunteers to tutor students in the weekends within the Prison Teaching Initiative.

I joined the Forbes family mainly because, since I studied in Rome and in Pisa and I am basically a newbie here, I am very curious about American campus life. My plan is to keep on teaching to American students for the rest of my life, but I need to learn some basics (from the ways in which a course on the avantgarde can be useful for pre-meds to the rules of football and baseball). In Italian there is only one word for both “guest” and “host”, “ospite”, and the Roman god of hospitality and beginnings, Janus, has two faces. I feel like I will be an “ospite” at Forbes, and I hope that Janus will bless this experience. I am very excited about meeting you all and learning about your goals and expectations, the courses you choose, and the campus events that you want to attend and discuss!