Residential College Leadership Team (RCLT)

The Residential College Leadership Team joins representatives from across the residential college, including RCAs, PAAs, RGSs, College Council members, Pace Center Ambassadors, Peer Health Advisors, LGBTQIA Peer Educators, Carl A. Fields Center Fellows, SHARE Peers, and Peer Career Advisors. The main purpose for this partnership is to provide opportunities for more collaboration among a number of peer adviser/educator groups on campus and present them as an integrated set of resources. Our goal is to raise awareness about the roles each of these units plays within each residential college and to work with one another to develop integrated programming that promotes social engagement, academic exploration, health and wellness, professional development, and diversity in our community. 

Name Class Peer Group
Brett Ascher 2018 RCA
Jess Reed 2018 RCA
Brandon McGhee 2018 RCA
Kyle Lang 2018 PAA
Selam Zenebe-Gete 2018 PAA-Alternate
James Martin   RGS
Jessie Schwab   RGS-Alternate
Mitchell Hallee 2019 Pace Center Ambassador
Victoria Tang 2019 Pace Center Ambassador-Alternate
Rosed Serrano 2018 Peer Health Adviser
Ariella Cohen 2019 Peer Health Adviser-Alternate
Nic Freeman 2018 LGBTQIA Peer Educator
Matt Chang 2019 Carl A. Fields Center Fellow
Vera Lummis 2018 SHARE Peer
Aaron Ach 2019 SHARE Peer-Alternate
Douglas Diehl 2018 Peer Career Adviser
Erin Gray 2020 College Council Representative
Katherine Wang 2020 College Council Representative-Alternative