Rikio Inouye


Hello Forbes Community!

My name is Rikio Inouye (he/him) and I'm a Ph.D. candidate in the Politics department (International Relations).  I currently research how racial perceptions of allies and rivals shape security considerations and alliance dynamics.  I also work on health and vaccine diplomacy in the context of great power competition between the US and China.  Beyond Forbes, I'm affiliated with the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning as well as the Center for International Security Studies.

Prior to Princeton, I taught English for three years on the Japan Exchange Teaching (JET) Programme in the city and prefecture of Toyama.   

I love travel, intercultural exchange, and life talks over good food.  I'm also a fourth-generation Japanese American and care about how our identities and backgrounds shape our values and interests.  If you ever want to talk about such topics, or grad school, or living abroad, please say hello!  Looking forward to meeting and building community with you all!