Sophomore Leaders Core (SLC)

The Sophomore Leaders Core (SLC) is a collective of Peer Academic Advisers tasked with organizing specialized Exploring Your Academic 'Prospects' Dinners and a Life Skills/Adulting Workshop Series for sophomores. The SLC is a wonderful leadership opportunity for designated PAAs and their RGS mentor to cultivate better integration of sophomore interests into the full residential college experience. SLC members work together in partnership with the Director of Studies to develop and implement sophomore-specific programming within Forbes and promotes broad-based sophomore engagement across the university. 

The SLC can also signpost broader campus resources available to sophomores including their ARCAs, FCC members, Director of Studies (DoS)McGraw Learning Consultants, AB and BSE faculty advisers, and Directors of Undergraduate Studies (DUSs) in their current or prospective major departments. 

Your 2019-2020 SLC members are: