Teal Arcadi

Hey Forbes –

I’m a sixth-year PhD student in the Department of History, and I’m so excited to join Forbes as a new RGS this year!

I grew up in Ithaca, New York, where I stayed local to do my undergrad in history at Cornell. After college, I worked in public policy in New York City before moving out here to New Jersey for grad school.

My research focuses on American politics and economics from World War II to the present, and I’m particularly interested in how infrastructure projects (anything from highways to prisons) have changed the national economy and the ways people think about work, public goods, private enterprise, and the democratic systems that are supposed to hold all this stuff together. I’m a former preceptor for HIST383: The US, 1920-1974, and I’m happy to chat about history, economics, politics, and any other academic areas you’re interested in! I love learning about new academic fields and will be stoked to hear about all your discoveries here at Princeton.

When I’m not working on my dissertation, you can usually find me running or biking on the canal path, at the gym, or combing through the used books in the basement of Labyrinth. I’m also obsessed with photography (if anyone is good at developing film let me know, I’m currently learning!) and try to spend an afternoon each week hiking/looking for good photos nearby.

Feel free to stop by and chat, join me on a run, talk about cameras, or just relax with some tea (and you can email me at tarcadi@princeton.edu).

See you around!