William C. Jones


323 Jadwin Hall

William Jones is an experimental cosmologist focusing on studies of the cosmic microwave background radiation (the thermal radiation from the embryonic universe). Having a particular dislike of water vapor, his experiments (though not graduate students) tend to go into the stratosphere on big balloons, or into space on rockets. Dr. Jones has worked on instruments in the Owens Valley, McMurdo Station, and the South Pole. The next balloon flight will depart Alice Springs, Australia. He received his BA from Princeton and PhD from Caltech. After a postdoc at Caltech, he held an adjunct position teaching freshman physics at Harvey-Mudd College, and worked for a number of years as a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Last year he taught PHY103/104.

Bill and Molly both enjoyed serving as Resident Associates in the undergraduate houses at Caltech. Molly has worked in fundraising for educational nonprofits including the California Science Center and, currently, the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association. Molly received a business degree from Emory University, and then served three years in Guatemala with the Peace Corps before starting her fundraising career. Bill, Molly, Mckenzie (aged 2), Yet-to-be-named (due in October), and Che (a dog) can all be found on and about campus.