Forbes College Space Requests

Forbes College is home to beautiful spaces like our Common Room, Main Dining Room and Forbes Patio. During the academic year we are not able to host events for other departments or student groups in these spaces, as they serve as a home for our students and Forbes programming.

To make a request to reserve one of our Classrooms 121 or 126: Please visit

PLEASE NOTE: Requests are only processed during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm). Please be sure to provide at least a week’s notice for your requests.  You must submit your request for space in EMS, we cannot put the request in for you.

  • We do not permit groups to reserve either of the classrooms during Saturday or Sunday brunch from 8am-3pm.
  • You are not permitted to bring “outside” foods into the Private Dining Room.
  • If you would like to have guests swipe in for meals from campus dining, you need to contact the Forbes dining manager, Julie Badessa, with your chart string and number of guests a week prior to your meeting.
  • The furniture is set up for classes and cannot be re-arranged in either classroom.
  • Since our classrooms are needed for instruction and Forbes programing, we do not permit more than two reservation requests, per group, each month.
  • Language tables need to meet in the Main Dining room. If you would like to purchase meals on a Tower Card for your dept table you can contact The Service Point with your chart string.

You may reach out to Jessie Boak with questions with room reservations. 

  • Please provide information on your group, number of people attending and a chart string for set-up/break-down clean-up for your event.
  • If you need to rent equipment you must submit your event request and chart string to facilities and meet with building services about your event needs.
  • If you need media equipment or assistant setting up for your event you’ll need to contact AV services, 8-3196.

During the summer months, Conference and Events Services is the contact for any event or meeting request in the residential colleges. Forbes will be offline the summer of 2024 for renovations.

EMS Instructions:

  1. Go to (EMS)
  2. Click “Welcome, Guest.” at the top-right corner, click Sign In
  3. Sign in with your Princeton credentials
  4. Click “book now” on the right side of the screen
  5. Enter the date and time frame of your event
  6. Scroll down and click “I Know What Room I Want”
  7. Type “forbes” under Room Name and select the space you'd like to request
  8. Enter the anticipated number of attendees
  9. Click “Next Step”
  10. Click “Next Step” again
  11. Enter all required info
  12. Click “Create Reservation”