Forbes Main Inn Kitchen:

In order to gain PROX access to the Main Inn Kitchen, please complete the Access Form linked HERE. The form will be submitted to Building Access every Monday. Please allow 24-48 hours for processing, anticipating access to be granted to your TigerCard within 1-2 business days after form submission.  Ensure you update your TigerCard at a HotSpot to activate your access, and please note that kitchen access will expire at the end of the semester.

The Access Form will be submitted to Building Access every Monday. Access will be granted on the subsequent Wednesday.

It is important to observe the Kitchen rules; failure to comply will result in access revocation.

Kitchen Rules:

•  Clean up any spills or messes you make and wipe down surfaces after every use

•  Label all food and do not consume food that is not yours

•  Empty the sink of dirty dishes by washing & drying dishes after every use

•  Anything that is left out unlabeled will be thrown away

•  No alcohol is permitted in common spaces


We thank you for your cooperation.


The other two kitchens are located in the Annex. Bake cookies, have a dinner party or just microwave some popcorn. Please be kind to your neighbors and remember to do your dishes and clean the fridge!

All of the kitchens have booth/bench seating so you can eat your creations in the kitchens, or take them back to your room.