The Pink House

99 Alexander, affectionately known as the Pink House, is a Victorian style home adjacent to the Forbes Main Inn. Forbes College uses this space to support a living and learning community of 10 students interested in more deeply exploring Forbes’ signature theme of sustainability and the environment.  99 Alexander affords residents the opportunity to capitalize on the building’s kitchen and lounge, proximity to the Forbes garden, and facilities within Forbes College to promote the use of Princeton's campus as a living laboratory. This program fosters student leadership as well as the integration of academic interests with residential college life.

Pink House Activities from 2018-19 academic year

The Pink House (also known as Princeton Social Sustainability(link is external)) is a group of 10 juniors and seniors who will be living in 99 Alexander for the 2018-19 school year. The goal of the house is to create a community focused on sustainable living and activism. We will focus on outreach both to the University and the local community at large, with a special emphasis on finding ways to make sustainable practices accessible to everyone. The residential members of the Pink House for 2019-2020 are:  See our FB page Pink House: Princeton Social Sustainability (link is external)for more info.

Events for College Students:

Meals: We invite groups of underclassmen from Forbes to come to the Pink House and cook a sustainable meal with us. The meals are “sustainable” in that it will contain low carbon impact foods -- locally sourced, in season, vegetarian, etc.. In preparing and enjoying the meals together we will teach the students about sustainable eating, have general discussions about sustainability on campus, and inform them about current Pink House projects and future events.

Sustainability Documentary Nights: We host screenings of documentaries related to sustainability. Weather permitting, these screenings are be outside, using the Forbes College inflatable screen and projector.

Nature/Foraging Walks: We regularly go on walks to the nearby woods and trails to both appreciate nature and teach other students the fundamentals of foraging in the Central Jersey area.

Farm Visits: We have relationships with several local farms in the area and host visits to them several times per semester, where we bring together students and local farmers to learn about sustainable agriculture in the Princeton area.

Speakers: We host events for speakers around various aspects of sustainability, both in Forbes and on the broader campus. Often these talks explore the relationship between sustainability and other disciplines.  


House Projects

Rain Barrels: We have installed a rainwater catchment system on 99 Alexander that provides the house with an alternate source of water.

Sustainable Eating on a Budget:  Members of the Pink House, specifically the independent ones, strive to create diets of healthy, sustainable foods on a budget. In doing this, we want to make healthy and sustainably sourced foods accessible to everyone at an affordable price. Ultimately, the goal would be to present a sustainable and affordable alternative to the often exclusionary Princeton upperclass dining system.

Community Events

We have invited local elementary school students to tour the Pink House and our projects and attempt to show them how sustainability can be fun at any age.