The Pink House

99 Alexander, affectionately known as the Pink House, is a Victorian style home adjacent to the Forbes Main Inn.  Forbes College has used this space to support programming and activities related to our signature theme of sustainability and the environment.  99 Alexander affords residents the opportunity to capitalize on the building’s kitchen and lounge, proximity to the Forbes garden, and facilities within Forbes College to promote the use of Princeton's campus as a living laboratory. This program fosters student leadership as well as the integration of academic interests with residential college life.  Residency in the Pink House is not a requirement for participation.  Living in the Pink House affords easy access to the kitchen, garden and other amenities, but resident participation in the activities of the pink house is on an opt-in basis.  Forbes Resident Graduate Students, Community Living Advisors, and our Faculty Fellow in Residence are involved in mentoring and helping to organize events in the Pink House. In past years, we have sponsored a variety of events and programs related to sustainability and the environment, often with a connection to the Pink House.  You can refer to the Forbes Events Calendar for the most current information, but events featured in the past include:

Meals: Forbes residents are invited to the Pink House to cook a sustainable meal together.  Meals that are “sustainable” in that they contain low carbon impact foods -- locally sourced, in season, vegetarian, etc.. are often often featured.  

Sustainability Film Nights: The College hosts screenings of feature films and documentaries related to sustainability. Weather permitting, these screenings will be held outside in the Pink House yard.

Nature Walks: The College sponsors walks where participants gather at the Pink House for walks to the nearby garden, woods, and trails to both appreciate nature and teach students about the environment of the Central Jersey area.

Farm Visits: The College sponsors trips to local farms to learn about sustainable agriculture in the Princeton area.

Speakers: The College collaborates with other campus organizations to sponsor talks and fora on various aspects of sustainability, both in Forbes and on the broader campus to explore the relationship between sustainability and other disciplines. 

Pink House Photo