Forbes Student Amélie Lemay Pioneers Research on PFAS Chemicals
July 10, 2024

Amélie Lemay, a Forbes student and member of the class of 2024, has delved into groundbreaking research on PFAS chemicals, notorious for their environmental persistence and health risks. Using sophisticated computer simulations for her senior thesis, Lemay explored how PFAS molecules interact at water-air interfaces, crucial for devising…

Head of Forbes College Maria Garlock Welcomes the Class of 2028
June 28, 2024

Greetings from Forbes College! I am the Head of Forbes, and also a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and it is my great pleasure to be one of the first to welcome you to Princeton and to Forbes! I am excited that you have been assigned to Forbes, which I hope will serve as your “home away from home” during your time…

Forbes Fellows in the News!
June 20, 2024

Two Forbes fellows (Professors Gaetana Marrone-Puglia and Christiane Fellbaum) advised Fernando Avilés-García, a senior in Whitman College, on his groundbreaking senior thesis that fused his expertise in AI with the medieval text of Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy."…

Forbes Hosts Reception to Celebrate Class of 2024 Graduates
May 30, 2024

Forbes celebrated commencement in style, hosting a memorable reception for our 2024 graduates and their families. Following the ceremony on Tuesday, attendees were welcomed to Forbes for an indulgent reception. The air buzzed with excitement as guests savored delicious refreshments, toasted with champagne, and captured cherished moments in…

Forbesian Max Diallo Jakobsen Wins 2024 Spirit of Princeton Award
May 14, 2024

Eight students have been named winners of the 2024 Spirit of Princeton Award, honoring Princeton University undergraduates for positive contributions to campus life. Among these esteemed recipients stands Forbesian Max Diallo Jakobsen, a senior from Stockholm, Sweden and Conakry, Guinea, concentrating in history and pursuing certificates in…

Forbes Spring Reception Deemed Tropical Success!
May 9, 2024

Forbes Juniors, Seniors, and Fellows gathered at Head Garlock's house for an unforgettable evening of discovery and indulgence. Renowned Drinks Historian, Diana Pittet, captivated guests with the history of rum, from its origins to its global resonance beyond the Caribbean shores. As the sun set, attendees savored refreshing tropical smoothies,…

Students Enjoy Earth Day Yoga in the Forbes Backyard
April 23, 2024

Immersed in the tranquil embrace of nature, Princeton students gathered in the picturesque Forbes Backyard for an Earth Day Yoga event. Hosted by Campus Rec and guided by the serene expertise of Angela Quinn, participants embarked on a…

Forbes Students Gather to Enjoy Solar Eclipse
April 8, 2024


Forbes students and faculty gathered in the picturesque Forbes backyard to witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Solar Eclipse. The setting was perfect for viewing, fostering a strong sense of community among everyone present. It truly was a delightful experience to share together!

Forbes Students Enjoy Conversation with President Eisgruber
April 8, 2024

Forbes students enjoyed engaging in conversation with President Eisgruber and fellow Forbesians over tea and pastries in the Private Dining Room. What a great opportunity to discuss ideas and connect with our community!

University Bike/PEV Policy - Sweeps for Policy Violations Increase This Month
March 4, 2024


Please park your bikes in appropriate locations: bikes left locked to handrails or left in locations that violate University Policy will be removed.  The Personal Electric Vehicle page has additional information about new policies related…